Submitting Artwork

Our official e-mail address for artwork submission is

If your artwork is too large to fit in an email we recommend using a free site like to send us large files or feel free to mail us a hard copy, or come down to our shop and talk to us about artwork in person!

Artwork to be reproduced comes in one of three formats: vector, raster, or hard copy.

Digital Vector Artwork: AI / EPS / SVG / PDF. Vector artwork is ideal for printing because it can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. It is based on math instead of pixels- amazing! Make sure all text is fully expanded and please avoid sending white graphics on a white background. Please let us know at what size you would like your artwork printed at.

Digital Raster Artwork: PSD / JPG / PNG / GIF / TIF / PDF. Raster artwork is composed of pixel data and will lose quality (get pixelated) as it is enlarged. Please make sure that artwork is scaled to the desired print size with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Many image files are set to a resolution of only 72 pixies per inch which is standard for computer screens. This is too low for print output! We can help you convert low quality raster art but there may be design fees that will apply.

Hard Copy: Ideally on a white background, 11 x 17in or smaller. All lines should be crisp and pencil/shading should be avoided. If your artwork does not meet these criteria that’s ok, just bring it in and we’ll see what we can do! (Warning: there will typically be design fees associated with converting artwork from hard copy)

Accepted File Types: We prefer one of the files types listed above but when in doubt, send us whatever you’ve got and we’ll let you know if we can open it up or not. Please try to make sure all text has been converted to graphics in case we do not have the same fonts you used to create the design.

Design Services: Don’t have any artwork? No problem! We can create artwork based on your ideas or sketches! Consultation and communication is free but artwork services are billed at $60/hr (a competitive rate for this type of work!) with a minimum charge of $15. We always offer estimates up front, please contact us to learn more.  Our design services extend beyond just t-shirt graphics, let us design a business logo or marketing material for you as well!

From picture to printed shirt, ACW can make it happen!

Final Artwork Approval: Once we’ve readied your artwork for the press, we’ll send you a mockup for approval. Please look it over carefully. Please check all spelling. Double check the print dimensions listed.  The mockups shown are approximated and are not meant to be accurate to scale!  The size specs listed will be accurate and we recommend holding a ruler up to yourself or someone else to see how the prints will look in real life.  Once you’ve approved the mockup (and the invoice), we’ll go to press!

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