Our Charming and Talented Staff

Wayne Turiansky – President and Owner since 1981. Though semi-retired, Wayne still comes in once a week to deal with general oversight and to consult with Ed and Rob on the work for the week to come. Wayne is living proof that if you treat your staff well, in all ways, you will be rewarded in the end.  Excellent…


Ed Cawley – Office Manager, Accounts Manager, and our Vermont Line Sales Rep.  Ed has been with us since 1989, knows the business inside and out and is, hand down, the best customer service person in the business!  Although these days he typically spends his time dealing with our wholesale accounts, he is still the most knowledgeable when it comes to the different types of shirts we work with and is always happy to assist our local customers.

Johnnie Day Durand – Custom Sales Manager.  Johnnie joined us in the winter of 2016 and she handles sales for all of the custom printing we do.  She’s proven a fast learner and is a pleasure to have around.  Like many on our staff, Johnnie is a musician and plays the musical saw among other things.

Curtis Prestash – Art Director, Manager of Interns, Reluctant IT Guy.  Curt walked in off the streets in 2006 looking for an internship.  Since then he’s done just about every job in the shop before landing his dream job heading up the art department.  In 2012 he quit so he could drive around the country in his VW van.  About a year later he wandered back and re-staked his claim of being ‘the most recent Art Director in Amalgamated history!’  He’s also leads ACW’s House Band.

Rob Pitone

Rob Pitone – Production Manager. Rob joined us in February of 2008. Feeling a need for a strong leader in our shop, we’ve found a gem in Rob, who has both a history in the screen-printing industry and in leading a production crew. While we’ve always done quality work, we’re now operating with greater efficiency than ever before and our production crew has never been happier.


Nate Garn – Assistant Production Manager.  Nate aides Rob in running the shop when he’s not building (and playing) guitars. Nate has been with us for seven years. If you have a guitar you need fixed, or if you’d like to have one custom built, drop us a line and we’ll put you in touch with Nate. We’ve seen his work; you wont be disappointed if you put your trust in him, whether he’s printing your shirts or fixing your axe.

Don Doubleday – Pre-press emeritus. Don worked with us from 1990 through 2014 and was in charge of our pre-press operations. He was the guy who made sure that all screens were ready when they needed to be and that all of our color matching was done accurately. Doctor Don, as he’s affectionately known to all, is not in the best of health and now lives with his sister in the southern part of our state. We’ve kept him on the payroll, sort of a de-facto pension, and as he’s with us in spirit every day, we’ll continue to keep him on our website.


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