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We are Amalgamated Culture Works, directly descended from the Amalgamated Cultural Workers of America and we’ve been screenprinting t-shirts since 1981. We’re located in Burlington, Vermont, on the shores of Lake Champlain. Burlington is the largest city in the state and the home of the University of Vermont. We’re proud of our home; it is a great place to live and work although occasionally it does get a little cold.

Wayne Turiansky, who is still at the helm, although no longer at the squeegee started ACW in March of 1981 in his living room in the hills outside of Wallingford VT, in the central part of the state. Originally, we only sold custom printed t-shirts, although within six months of start-up, a potential customer suggested that we create a line of Vermont shirts to peddle to stores who made their living primarily from our state’s substantial tourist trade.

Wayne ran around to every artist he knew and within a few weeks had cobbled together a small line of simple humorous designs. They took off and after logging over 40,000 miles on his 1966 Volvo station wagon within the next year, Amalgamated Culture Works became the world’s largest producer of Vermont t-shirts, a distinction we hold to this day.

By summer of 1982, he had outgrown the living room and moved to a storefront in Rutland, some 13 miles north, and had hired his first employee. Years of growth followed and in the spring of 1986, ACW made the big move north to Burlington. Now a company of several employees, we were well received in the Queen City.

Ed Cawley joined us in our office in 1989 and, 25 years later, is still in charge of sales and overseeing most of the operation. Chances are that he’ll be the friendly voice on the other end of the line should you choose to phone us regarding a job in which you’re interested. If you are a non-profit, Ed is also the man  you’ll speak to to arrange for your 10% discount

The next major event in our evolution and one which most shaped our next decade occurred in the fall of 1990, when Ben Cohen, the ice cream emperor, approached us to print a design for his fledgling company, Community Products, the manufacturer of Rainforest Crunch. Ben needed the box art from his candy reproduced on t-shirts. Looking at too big a job to turn down, we stumbled into four-color process printing, which although scary to us at the time, quickly became our stock in trade at a time when very few printers were willing to undertake this exacting work. We took the job and did it to everyone’s satisfaction, including our own.

With that challenge met, Wayne remembered a conversation held two years earlier with Lance Richbourg, a well-known painter of historical baseball subjects and a friend as well. Lance had suggested that ACW reproduce his paintings on t-shirts and try to market them nationally. Past our fear of and lack of experience in process-printing, we decided to take Lance on. The line was a big success as we sold the line to several major department store chains, numerous Japanese trading companies, and even sold quite a few thousand Shoeless Joe Jackson shirts to the folks who own the farm in Dyersville Iowa where the film “Field of Dreams” was made.

As we entered the 21st century, the technology of t-shirt printing evolved into the digital age and we hopped right on board at the very beginning. Early in 2005, we received an email from the distributor of the about-to-be-released Kornit 931, the first and still the best digital t-shirt printer on the market. We’ve had this machine for nearly eight years and you can read all about it and the work we can do with it on our digital printing page. It is still the only industrial strength digital printer on the market.

Custom printing is now about two-thirds of our business and we ship shirts all over the country every day, though we’re still small enough that customer service is our number one focus. We’d be glad to do whatever work you need. Give us a look over and feel free to contact us by email, phone, or our Request a Quote form and we’ll do our very best to satisfy your needs.





Wayne Turiansky
President and Owner since 1981

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